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YEMI and A Sea Witch Vignette

Earlier this week, I mentioned that I am nearing the end of my draft of YEMI (the black mermaid WIP)(!!!!!), so thought I'd drop a little treat over on Patreon. I write a lot of shorts in my Three Known Worlds universe, the most notable of which so far is Chesirah published in FIYAH #1… Continue reading YEMI and A Sea Witch Vignette


February 2019 Wrap Up

2019 is... a lot. And we're only into February. I myself have a mixed bag of stuff going on (a drunk driver drove a truck through my parents' living room last month, and taxes have murdered me almost entirely), but most of the good is happening in my publishing career, so yay for that. TAKE… Continue reading February 2019 Wrap Up