Freelance Services

Sometimes, I freelance. This is where you’d learn about that. Learn about my services below, then use the form on my Contact page to inquire about them: Manuscript Evaluation, Developmental Editing, Sensitivity Reading, Audio Transcription, PDF Accessibility, EPUB+MOBI ebook Formatting, Author Website Design.

Manuscript Evaluation and Developmental Editing

Manuscript Evaluation

$1/1,000 words

You’ll be provided an outline document detailing recommended next steps in your editorial process. This will primarily focus on areas you request, but may also include referral to resources for strengthening technical/stylistic skills, or thoughts on when and whether to hire a sensitivity reader.

The outline does include an optional live consultation to walk you through suggestions and next steps.


Developmental Editing

$50/5 pages/hour (fiction only)

Developmental editing is exactly what it sounds like. This is an evaluation of your manuscript’s concept and execution. Does it make sense? Is the world fully realized? Is it structured effectively and paced appropriately? Developmental editing answers these questions and offers fixes for where your story may be lacking, what can be cut, and what can be amplified.

The edit letter does include an optional live consultation to walk you through suggestions and next steps. The rate is set for a single round of edits, with line editing services offered at and beyond a second round.



“Sensitivity” Reading

If you are an author writing a character outside of your lived experience, you may want what the publishing industry calls a “sensitivity reader” to vet your work for harmful tropes and stereotypes of marginalized characters. While I do prefer the space for Black characters in fiction to be created and occupied by Black writers, I can appreciate an earnest interest from non-Black writers seeking to make the works they create more inclusive.

I provide sensitivity reads and consultation for representation of Black characters (queer/bisexual, cisgender woman, American south/mid-Atlantic region), depictions of mental illness (Bipolar I Disorder, post-traumatic stress), and hoh/auditory processing disorders (adult onset). I read for all genres, with a particular love for speculative fiction/SFF, of course.

Current turnaround time is 30 days. 6 2 slots currently available September 2019 – November 2019.

  • 15,000 words – 30,000 words: $125
  • 30,001 words – 50,000 words: $200
  • 50,001 words – 80,000 words: $250
  • 80,001 words – 100,000 words: $350
  • 100,000 words+ : $350 + .02 cents/additional word

Works of <15k words and consultation on concept/plot/characters pay a $75 flat fee.

$40 fee per 50k words for accelerated reading/expedited due dates.

All prices USD

Audio Transcription

  • Got an awesome podcast, presentation, or video that needs transcribing/captioning for accessibility to D/deaf +H/hoh people or those with auditory processing disorders? Rates range $1.15 – $1.75 per audio minute, currently with a 48 hour turnaround.

PDF Document Accessibility

  • WCAG compliant (screen-reader accessible) PDF – priced per page and quantity of documents.
    • (I literally had a JHU office commission me to remediate over a hundred 36-90pg informational PDF documents for accessibility a few years back. So, this can be a one-off document or a series you mean to bring up to standard.)

EPUB + MOBI EBook Formatting

  • For ebooks, 1 format (either EPUB or MOBI) per title $160, +$40 for second format

Website design 

  • WordPress and Bootstrap websites starting at $450

See MadCap Retreats, FIYAH Literary Magazine, and L.L. McKinney for work examples.