Freelance Services

Sometimes, I freelance. This is where you’d learn about that.

“Sensitivity” Reading

If you are an author writing a character outside of your lived experience, you may want what the publishing industry calls a “sensitivity reader” to vet your work for harmful tropes and stereotypes of marginalized characters. While I do prefer the space for Black characters in fiction to be created and occupied by Black writers, I can appreciate an earnest interest from non-Black writers seeking to make the works they create more inclusive.

I provide sensitivity reads and consultation for representation of Black characters (queer/bisexual, cisgender woman, American south/mid-Atlantic region), depictions of mental illness (Bipolar I Disorder, post-traumatic stress), and hoh/auditory processing disorders (adult onset). I read for all genres, with a particular love for speculative fiction/SFF, of course.

Current turnaround time is 30 days. 6 2 slots currently available June 2019 – August 2019.

  • 15,000 words – 30,000 words: $125
  • 30,001 words – 50,000 words: $200
  • 50,001 words – 80,000 words: $250
  • 80,001 words – 100,000 words: $350
  • 100,000 words+ : $350 + .02 cents/additional word

Works of <15k words and consultation on concept/plot/characters pay a $75 flat fee.

$40 fee per 50k words for accelerated reading/expedited due dates.

All prices USD


Audio Transcription

  • Got an awesome podcast, presentation, or video that needs transcribing/captioning for accessibility to D/deaf +H/hoh people or those with auditory processing disorders? Rates range $1.15 – $1.75 per audio minute, currently with a 48 hour turnaround.


PDF Document Accessibility

  • WCAG compliant (screen-reader accessible) PDF – priced per page and quantity of documents.
    • (I literally had a JHU office commission me to remediate over a hundred 36-90pg informational PDF documents for accessibility a few years back. So, this can be a one-off document or a series you mean to bring up to standard.)


EPUB + MOBI EBook Formatting

  • For ebooks, 1 format (either EPUB or MOBI) per title $160, +$40 for second format


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