An Extremely Brief Eligibility Post

In 2020, the year that was actually twelve years, I published.... basically nothing. I wrote plenty, mostly novels and panicked screeds on Twitter, but not much in the way of award nominateyness. I created FIYAHCON with Brent Lambert, which was probably responsible in equal parts for Twitter screeds and my lack of writing output. And… Continue reading An Extremely Brief Eligibility Post

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Me! Coming to a Panel Near You

Why, HELLO again! I apologize for not having updated a single thing since *checks notes* last summer, but I have had barely a single day's worth of respite from what has become a very hectic work schedule. But onto the things!   I'll be on a panel this weekend at the Flights of Foundry SFF… Continue reading Me! Coming to a Panel Near You

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Notes on the FIYAH Hugo Meetup

Last week, I posted about the FIYAH Hugo Meetup on Patreon. You can find pics there. This weekend was huge in the world of speculative fiction, what with WorldCon and the Hugo Awards in Dublin. More importantly for me, however, was the amazing opportunity I had to meet my FIYAH teammates in the flesh and… Continue reading Notes on the FIYAH Hugo Meetup