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L.D. Lewis

Cake enthusiast, Jane of all trades


L.D. Lewis does… well, a lot. She’s an award-winning SF/F writer and editor, and publisher at Fireside Fiction as of July 2021. She serves as a founding creator, Art Director, and Project Manager for the World Fantasy Award-winning and Hugo Award-nominated FIYAH Literary Magazine. She also serves the founding Director of Hugo-nominated FIYAHCON, chair of the 2021 Nebula Conference, and Awards Manager for the Lambda Literary Foundation. She also acquires novellas for Tor.com and researches for the LeVar Burton Reads podcast. She frequently bothers the publishing industry by authoring studies about the treatment and experiences of racially/ethnically marginalized authors in speculative literature. She is the author of A Ruin of Shadows (Dancing Star Press, 2018) and her published short fiction and poetry includes appearances in FIYAH, PodCastle, Strange Horizons, Anathema: Spec from the Margins, Lightspeed, and Fireside Magazine, among others. She lives in Georgia, on perpetual deadline, with her coffee habit and an impressive Funko Pop! collection. Tweet her @ellethevillain.


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For novella submissions to Tor.com, email lekesha.lewis.contractor@macmillan.com

For rights inquiries to L’s writing, contact Jennifer Azantian at ALA.

To find L at Fireside, email ldlewis@firesidefiction.com


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