L’s DisCon III Schedule

I am currently scarce and battling burnout (my body let me know before I knew) but hope to be recovered in time for some festivities next month!

I will be live and in color at this year’s WorldCon in DC from December 15-20. I will also be in a mask (and probably in my room/elsewhere in the city oftentimes) so good luck finding me. But if you can, say hi. I promise I don’t typically bite. I’m going to try and make this a relaxing trip and not one where I’m studying the event for ways to improve a hybrid experience. If I can pull it off, it will be a feat. Not unlike the con itself, I’m sure.

Please note that I am not the Main Character of these panels, but I’ve decided against listing my copanelists in case someone drops out or doesn’t want that information publicized yet. You can view the full schedule of DisConIII events here.


Let’s Judge a Book by Its Cover

What makes a good speculative fiction book or magazine cover? How can you give good art direction to help the artist succeed? How do we feel about eye-catching covers that show scenes that aren’t actually in the book? Our artists and publishers cover the subject in as much detail as 50 minutes will allow!

In which my experience as an Art Director is relevant. Fun fact: this is the panel with the most BIPOC on it with me.

Thursday 12/16 2:30PM ET

Public Hugo Finalist Reception

This public reception provides a chance for members to meet the Hugo Award finalists and honor the winners from ConZealand.

Exactly what it sounds like.

Thursday 12/16 5:00PM ET

The Small Press Takeover of Short Fiction

There was a time, long ago, when short fiction had to be published in one of the “big three” magazines to get popular attention and critical acclaim. The rise of magazines like Clarkesworld, Uncanny, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, among many others, make markets of today a much more level playing field. We’ll talk about what’s changed and why, and what it means for the state of speculative fiction.

In which I either get shouty or sly about the common commentary on the field itself. Which way will it go? Idk but get excited. I am the token on this panel.

Friday 12/17 4:00PM ET

Bad Kidneys and Other NFTs

The perils of being on the internet have a tendency to create an infinite number of awful rabbit holes to fall into. Our panelists will discuss ways to avoid becoming Twitter’s main character, tools to steer clear from bad takes, and general ideas on good literary citizenship. All in the face of problematic favs and infinite bad actors in addition to the rest of the world’s ills.

Yelling about Twitter but not on Twitter. I love everyone on this panel.

Friday 12/17 5:30PM ET

The Magnificent Novella

Novellas are thriving. Benefitting from the work of small presses and the opportunities of digital magazines, the form has received a new lease on life. These authors will discuss the novella in terms of craft and form, in regards to their own work, and the growing landscape of novellas produced both by the lovely folks at Tor and elsewhere.

In which I continue riding the popularity of AROS (cries a little) to explain why novellas are better than your favorite non-novella format for storytelling. I am the token on this panel.

Saturday 12/18 1:00PM ET

The Hugo Award Ceremony

I’m nominated in two categories, so I’ll be there, but we’ll see if you see me! Both FIYAH and FIYAHCON 2020 are nominated for Best Semiprozine and Best Related work, respectively. More info here 

Saturday 12/18 8:00PM ET

Kaffeklatsch (sp?) with L. D. Lewis

For those who don’t know, a kaffeklatsch is apparently a small meeting and chat with a host (in this case, me) over coffee/assorted beverages. What we talk about might be up to you. Who knows! It’ll be an adventure.

Sunday 12/19 11:30AM ET

See you out there, from a respectful, healthy, fully-vaccinated distance!

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