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Me! Coming to a Panel Near You

Why, HELLO again! I apologize for not having updated a single thing since *checks notes* last summer, but I have had barely a single day’s worth of respite from what has become a very hectic work schedule.

But onto the things!


flights of foundry banner

I’ll be on a panel this weekend at the Flights of Foundry SFF convention. It’s free and virtual and full of some pretty fantastic programming, so if you’ve been itching for some genre activities that aren’t reading (you know you’ll never get to the bottom of that TBR stack), I encourage you to check it out. I’ll be doing my thing on the Small Press ‘Palooza panel with , Sunday morning at 10am ET. An uncharacteristically early time slot, but what even is time anymore, right?


And if you can’t make it and plan to attend the Nebulas virtual conference later this month, good news!

I’m there, too. You can catch me on yet another small press panel, “The Small Press Experience” Friday May 29th at 12:30pm ET and on a “Writing Multiply Marginalized Characters in SFF” panel at 2pm ET Saturday, May 30th.


Be good to each other and stay hydrated!

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