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May 2019 Wrap-Up

Somehow we’ve all made it to the halfway point of this year. Good job, all of you.

This was a busy month! ICYMI, my short story MOSES dropped at Anathema Spec technically on the last day of April. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it’s been received (1, 2). My goal with the work was to provide compassionate representation of addicts and addiction in SFF, and by that same token give readers pause in their judgment or analysis of how substance abuse happens. We are all one particularly horrifying set of circumstances from using any means necessary to escape ourselves. I’ve succeeded in this at least once, so I count this story as a win. Thanks to all my patrons for buying me time to write it. You can read the story by itself for free here, but I strongly encourage you to buy the issue and subscribe to Anathema, as they exclusively publish works by queer BIPOC and that’s a worthy endeavor on its own.

Also this month, official progress has been made on the new POB Project website!

As you can see, it’s now leaning into its growth as a resource to track more marginalizations than just Blackness in the field as an “Inclusion Tracker”. That actual bit will take some time and extra hands to develop, but I’m excited to get the hub in place. The goal is to launch at least the market reporting tools by July at the latest so we can get the updated POB Scores issued in August. In the Fall, I want to have the blog feature set up to host pieces that provide context and education on things like harmful tropes, best practices for attracting marginalized writers, and networking opportunities for writers/editors and the publications seeking to staff them. We’ll likely be pursuing sponsorship to help pay contributors for guest posts. I can only pontificate on so many Black tropes myself.

I’m plugging away at the back end, but you can sign up for the newsletter now to be notified when everything launches. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of what’s behind the maintenance landing page:

As for Patreon news, I’ll be doing the drawing for which patrons get to be added to the Feint universe of stories on June 15th! Two patrons will get their own <1k story set in San Guin this summer, allowing me some much needed practice in micro/flash fiction writing and also forcing me to revisit this world that I love so much. Signed San Guin postcards and a sticker will go out to all supporters with a cumulative patronage of at least $10 as of July 1st.

I’ll also be doing a worldbuilding hangout for patrons in the next month or so. It’ll just be a live AMA or something. I’ll post a poll asking what logistics work for the folks interested. I think that’s an easier way to go about it. I tend to brain-fart every time I think about writing a more formal themed worldbuilding post. Most worldbuilding is a just a series of questions you need to have the answers to in order for it to feel fully formed, so I’ll be happy to field those, or whatever y’all need.

Remember it’s never too late to join as a supporter! Just $2/month gets you access to all kinds of goodies and buys me time to do all this.

Patreon "become a patron" button

That’s about it!  I’m 5 chapters from beta on YEMI, which has seen some reformation influenced by GoT’s lackluster end. Super stoked to get that out there. Umm… watch all FIYAH spaces June 1st for Issue 11’s incredible artwork by Seth Brown and the ToC launch at midnight. It’s hot out there, so be sure to hydrate and make sure your sunblock is broad spectrum and not expired.

Be good. Love you.


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