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YEMI and A Sea Witch Vignette

Earlier this week, I mentioned that I am nearing the end of my draft of YEMI (the black mermaid WIP)(!!!!!), so thought I’d drop a little treat over on Patreon.

I write a lot of shorts in my Three Known Worlds universe, the most notable of which so far is Chesirah published in FIYAH #1 and reprinted at PodCastle and Pulpture Ediciones. They tend to be vignettes of key characters or snapshots of lesser known histories (see A Ruin of Shadows). The shorts add depth to my worlds and serve as something of a word dump for back stories I can’t reasonably work into a novel-length work on pain of a bloated word count.

YEMI features an iteration of famed sea witch “Ursula” as canon to my Three Known Worlds universe. This version of her is the origin, the creator of merfolk, salvaged from the drowning dead slaves and criminals of Irth. They were called “urfolk” first, before the “mer” was appended due to the linguistic customs of our reality, a feat explained in YEMI.

Ursla is effectively the first god to traverse realities as dictated by the lore of the Three Known Worlds. TKW maintains that many of the gods, the mythical beings with which we are familiar in our plane of existence were once (and still are) real, having migrated here from some other place in time and inevitably migrated elsewhere again at whim.

From Witch to Queen and God is something of an origin story for Ursla, and the character as depicted here will be carried into new adventures (though similar aspirations) in YEMI.

Pop over and enjoy a free read.

Twilight and the islands are on fire.

The witch walks out of the sea on two legs alongside her men, armed to the teeth with fury meant to carry them through Eros’s liberation. She’s forgotten the weight of locs drenched in seawater and what it is to have knees, the flex of heel and toe and the very concept of footing as she moves out of the surf across pebbled sand and silt. Stammered steps are unbecoming of a sea queen but no one who should fear her notices…

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