February 2019 Wrap Up

2019 is… a lot. And we’re only into February. I myself have a mixed bag of stuff going on (a drunk driver drove a truck through my parents’ living room last month, and taxes have murdered me almost entirely), but most of the good is happening in my publishing career, so yay for that.


The cover for the YA anthology TAKE THE MIC: Fictional Stories of Everyday Resistance was released a few weeks ago, and features a short by yours truly. My story, The Helpers, is about finding or making your place in the movements that surround us.

I’m still stunned I made the cut for this. I’ve never written YA exactly, and the names —o gods, the names!— attached to this project are huge to me. I’m incredibly fortunate to be in their company.

Official release date is October 1st with A.A. Levine but you can (and should) pre-order.



I reached 50k words on my latest novel WIP and dropped this aesthetic collage over on Twitter this month.

Yemi (Yemaya) Blackgate is a descendant of a certain mermaid princess and a human prince who fell in love and threw the world-out-of-water into chaos with their union. As their granddaughter, Yemi has come of age surrounded by people who openly mock her mer-lineage and on the edge of another civil war that threatens her ascension to the throne. When she’s forced into exile, she seeks out the help of a certain sea witch in reclaiming her birthright; but she has to decide whether she wants to rule Man or destroy them.


My novelette, “Chesirah” will be featured in an upcoming Spanish-language anthology for Pulpture Ediciones aimed at introducing the work of female SFF authors to Spanish readers. This is the first time my work is being translated (it’s my first fiction publication ever, as well!) and I’m really excited about this particular milestone.


FIYAH drops the Issue #10 ToC and cover featuring artwork by Olivia Stephens. Then about mid-March, the biannual report from our Black Speculative Fiction Writer Surveys will be released, taking a look at the experiences of Black SFF writers on submission in the 2017-2018 years. I’m about halfway through organizing the stats on those.

Also in March, the POB Scoring Project will be reaching out to markets to ask which features they’re most interested in using as we expand. It’ll help prioritize what gets developed ahead of the summer scoring update.

I’ll also be dropping my first world-building piece over on Patreon in a couple of weeks, the topic of which will be MAGIC, what constitutes hard v soft, and where magic found in real-world PoC faiths + practices lands when implemented in fiction.

That’s it for now! Thanks for being here. ❤


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