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Patreon and The Dead Withheld

Good news, everyone! You can now support me on Patreon. I need time and money to both write and grow my publishing activism, and you can help take the weight off my need to keep multiple jobs with as little as $5/month.

I’m really excited about my FEINT project over there as well. I’m taking my paranormal neo-noir story THE DEAD WITHHELD (was hard to place because of its weird 19k word count) and turning it into a sandbox universe. I’ll be casting donors at certain tiers as characters with their own stories in the FEINT location of San Guin as an exercise in both worldbuilding and accountability. We’ll see how it shakes out.

Dizzy Carter is a deadwalker witch six years into the hunt for her wife’s murderer. A former blues-singer in San Guin, Dizzy’s lost her music and has shifted to work as a private investigator for the resources it allows her in tracking the apparent serial killer who took Lonnie from her. The first clue in years connects to a growing infestation of enterprising demons in the city. Aided by her violent nature, the madame of a succubus bordello, and dolls animated by captive souls she owes to the vengeful dead, Dizzy will take on anything to see Lonnie’s ghost freed. 

You can check out the other perks and plans and goals and such over there.


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