Award Eligibility

Self-promotion is one of those things that will never not be awkward if you’ve got a hint of humility in your bones. It will also never not be absolutely essential as a writer of color. So here we are.

This year has been huge for me and the projects of which I am a part. In the next couple of years, I’ve got some gorgeous novels I hope you’ll love. But until then, I’ve got one single, solitary written thing eligible for all your award considerations this year. And I am endlessly proud of that thing.

cover for "A Ruin of Shadows" novella by L. D. Lewis A RUIN OF SHADOWS (April 2018, Dancing Star Press) is eligible in all novella categories. It’s been wonderfully reviewed [1][2] by even more wonderful people. It’s on the Nebula Reading List and an excerpt inspired a gracious award from the Speculative Literature Foundation earlier this year! I will forever be thankful to everyone involved in producing and celebrating this little book.


I’ve also been busy with the award-winning [1][2] FIYAH Literary Magazine in my capacity as Art Director. Our covers in 2017 helped the incomparable Geneva B. to her first Hugo as Best Fan Artist this year. (In my quiet moments, I still scream about that.) In 2018, I’ve had the privilege of working with four different, incredible artists whose talent and vision have contributed vastly to the strength of every issue. I am proud of each and every one of them. You can read more about them and the rest of FIYAH’s award eligible work here.


Thank you to everyone who has supported my work, or FIYAH’s work. We’re just getting started.

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