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A RUIN OF SHADOWS book cover
ISBN13: 9781732141803
Published by Dancing Star Press
Artwork by Emily Cheeseman

What an amazing week! A RUIN OF SHADOWS was released by Dancing Star Press and the reception has been wonderful. I get excited all over again when someone tweets me a picture of the book when they received it. Being in print is still surreal.

Also announced last week, I was awarded the Working-Class Writers Grant from the Speculative Literature Foundation. The writing sample in my application came from an earlier version of A RUIN OF SHADOWS.

I’m thrilled to share the success with Jennifer Crispin, the publisher at Dancing Star. My story is the debut for the new micropress and I’m hoping it bodes well for future titles.

They are now open for novella submissions through June 30th.

If you get a chance to read the story, reviews are greatly appreciated particularly on Amazon, where I believe it’s something like 15 reviews minimum before certain promotional efforts kick in on the platform. Links are below.

The novel series from which SHADOWS and my novelette CHESIRAH are derived will be on submission soon! So here’s hoping it won’t be too much longer before the next installment in the Three Known Worlds Universe.

April 2018. Dancing Star Press     $3.99 – $9.99
Paperback and ebook available at: Dancing Star Press  |  Amazon [paperback] [kindle] | Barnes + Noble  |  Kobo




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