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Interview with Dancing Star Press

cover for "A Ruin of Shadows" novella by L. D. Lewis

In preparation for the release of A RUIN OF SHADOWS next Tuesday, my publisher at Dancing Star Press interviewed me about my story, my process, music, and my work at FIYAH Literary Magazine. The below is an excerpt, but you can check out the whole thing here and order the novella at all these fine places that sell books.

Does writing energize or exhaust you?
​It definitely doesn’t energize me. Writing’s a bit like bloodletting, isn’t it? Or at least what bloodletting was supposed to do. You’re gradually putting more and more of yourself on the page ​and it’s draining until it isn’t. You inevitably get to that light feeling, that punchy sort of euphoria that feels like energy, but indicates you should probably hydrate and maybe have a cookie and chill out for a while. Finishing a story is pretty great, though.

From your twitter account it seems like you have endless writing projects going. How many stories do you typically have on deck at any one time?
​I usually keep three projects going at a time, all of them in different phases of development. When I get frustrated with one​, I can bounce to another. I think it makes me slower at completing things, but occasionally I’ll finish three things around the same time. So that’s cool.

How did you first get into the fantasy genre?
​I… have control issues. The real world is restrictive and positively lousy with misery. I know I can do better, so I do.

Read the full interview at DancingStarPress.com

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