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A Ruin Of Shadows: Rundown

cover for My novella cover is here with artwork by Emily Cheeseman!


General Daynja Édo is a legend: head of the celebrated Boorhian Empire’s military and possessor of a mask of untold power. She has raised her Shadow Army of seven assassins from childhood. But mounting disillusionment over a life of brutality, a petulant emperor, and prodding from The Artful Djinni force her to defy orders for the first time in her thirty year career. When the empire decides they no longer need Édo if they can get the mask, she must face the monsters of her own making and the legacy they’ve turned against her.

Content warning for violence and some language

This is the second story published in my Three Known Worlds universe, the first being “Chesirah” in the inaugural issue of FIYAH Literary Magazine. Both stories are part of a series of short fiction that explains and expands on the history of a narrative centered in some novels my agent is working on getting to you soon. I’ll likely talk about it a bit more in subsequent posts as we get closer to our release date. There’s a lot of ground to cover.

In the meantime, A RUIN OF SHADOWS drops April 24th, 2018 from Dancing Star Press. You can pre-order it here. Here’s its Spotify playlist. See if it gives you an idea what you’re in for.


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